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Our AI Exploration Program

With our program, you take the first confident step on your journey to bolster your business through AI technology. Our Al Exploration Program intends to attract industry partners open to explore the use of Al and take a leap of faith to examine the application of Al using real data and to showcase the gained insights.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding its way into all sorts of applications with the power to transform entire industries. However, for many, the use of Al in everyday business environments remains unclear.

We appreciate the importance of close cooperation with partners to build compelling proofs-of-concept of industry-specific Al applications. Consequently, we designed our AI exploration program to kickstart the collaboration with you.

Our program is the first step on a journey to deploy Al within your organization. And this step is free. As soon as we have agreed on the modalities to access the partner’s data, our in-house Al team will choose and train algorithms to extract untapped insights from the data. At the end of our exploration, we share our findings and provide advice on the steps to deploy Al within your organization’s particular domains.

Sit back in comfort, we get IT done.

Our AI Program includes:

  • Exploratory data analysis, free of charge
  • Implement scalable cloud-based AI solution tailored to your needs and budget
  • Handle the AI/ML pipeline end-to-end from design to deployment and support
  • Provide business intelligence reports of how AI is improving your business


Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, R, Python, TensorFlow, Keras, GANs, Hadoop, Spark.